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Brown Trout History
"Salmo trutta"

Brown trout is the second most popular trout. It is considered to be smarter and more difficult to catch. So it is more challenging for the fly fisherman. A variety of new fly had to be created to consistently catch Brown Trout.. From big streamer flies 7 inches long to Midges. Many Authors have used the stalking of brown trout in their literature.

A variety of Brown Trout were introduced from Europe, Germany and England/Scotland. The German Brown had red spots with blue haloes throughout its life. There again there are many variations in the color depending on the environment of the fish.

The shallow water brown trout are extremely beautiful, with their golden color, red spots and blue haloes. The spotting can be numerous to almost nonexistent on the body and the tail.

The Loch Leven Browns lose their red spots as it grows up and often has wine colored spots depending on it's environment and food. To make it harder the two have been cross bred. So the variations are even more numerous. There are also sea run Brown Trout.

Because of their reputation for voracious feeding habits and the challenge it poses, Brown Trout are now very popular with fly fishermen.

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